• “A Street But Half Made Up”Nature, published January 10, 2018.
    On the M block of Fiction Street, a gust of wind pushed a hardback dangerously close to the curb. Bibliobot Eight-Ef rolled after it and extended its grasper, but another gust caused the robot to wobble and the book to dance away. (flash fiction)


  • “Ways to Face the Firing Squad”Metaphorosis, published May 12, 2017.
    Waiting outside the shop while Dad hunts for something edible, Marshall scans the horizon for signs of the soldiers who now play cop, judge, and executioner to anyone suspected of breaking the law. (flash fiction)
  • “The Sea of Ghosts” Intergalactic Medicine Show, published February 2017.
    Liam did not know where the ghosts came from, or why, only that they had been finding their way north since before he was born. The sea around the lighthouse, more spirit than water, burned green with the light of a million souls. It blazed brighter than the auroras in the Arctic sky. (short story)
  • “Sea Change” — Audible Studios, narrated by Gwydion Calder, published January 3, 2017.
    This is an audiobook version of a story published in Ember vol. 3 in 2015. (short story)


  • “Tips Welcome”Kaleidotrope, published June 28, 2016.
    She’s all graceful, spidery motion, loose locks of hair swinging as she darts around mixing cocktails and offering refills exactly when I want them. In two drinks, I haven’t seen her crack a smile once, but she exudes friendliness all the same. It’s easy to see why the TIPS WELCOME jar is full of bills. (short story)
  • “The Museum of Nothing”Nature, published May 5, 2016.
    The first thing they ask at the Museum of Nothing is that you remove your contact lenses. They even have cases and little bottles of solution, free of charge, although considering how much tickets cost, I suppose it’s a stretch to say they’re giving you anything for free. (flash)
  • “Little Green Lies” — Cricket, published February 2016.
    Eva said aliens abducted her from the wooded path after school, but everyone knew Eva was a liar. (short story)
  • “Music”freeze frame fiction, published January 16, 2016.
    There was music in his head, that was the thing. People who saw Johan saw a tall skinny guy bopping his head to a beat in a silent room. But they couldn’t hear the music. (flash)


  • “What’s in a Name”Page & Spine, published December 4, 2015.
    “The one-dollar name list? Are you kidding me?”
    “Come on, one name is as good as another, as long as it’s one we like.”
     “And if she finds out ten years from now that we paid a buck for her name, how do you think she’ll feel?” (flash)
  • “Sea Change” — Ember: A Journal of Luminous Things vol. 3, published November 17, 2015.
    “Once, our town was inland. When our parents were teens they went to Beulaville for beach parties, and our grandparents had to go beyond that to Havelock. Sunken towns, now existing only as words on obsolete maps and detritus on the ocean floor.” (short story)
  • “A New and Distant Star” — Cricket, published in two parts in the September and October 2015 issues.
    “As I left the stage after my audition, I could feel it. The power. The future. I knew that someday when celebrity magazines wrote about me, they would say this moment was when my rise to stardom began.” (short story)
  • “The Call of the Void”Every Day Fiction, published August 20, 2015.
    “Jon’s morning world is dark and quiet. He moves in silence through the kitchen of his studio apartment, where he keeps the lights off to avoid waking his roommate. The near-vacant streets are soundtracked by his footsteps and the rustling of newspapers that blow in the breeze like urban tumbleweeds.” (flash)
  • “Time Collecting”Pidgeonholes, published August 6, 2015. Nominated for the Pushcart Prize.
    “On candlelit dates you wear the hipster glasses that make you look young, gloss over the years in your stories, demur when she asks your age even as you try to deduce hers.” (flash vignettes)
  • “Seven Superstitions That Carry My Mother”Zetetic: A Record of Unusual Inquiry, published August 3, 2015.
    “If a piece of silverware fell on the floor, company was coming, and that was that. I once dropped a spoon on purpose in hopes of seeing my aunt. Mama said it didn’t work that way.” (short story)
  • “The Cur of County Road Six”Grievous Angel, published July 19, 2015.
    “In the country nobody ties up their dog. Lots of the dogs don’t belong to nobody, neither. So when you and your kid brother are walking to school ‘cause you missed the bus again and your dad thinks freezing your bums off will teach you responsibility, well, you gotta watch out.” (horror flash)
    Reprint in Up and Coming: Stories by the 2016 Campbell-Eligible Authors, March 1, 2016.
  • “Spring of the Repentant Thief” — Spark: A Creative Anthology, exclusive patrons edition, published July 1, 2015.
    “The way I garden, it’s a sport. I grapple with the soil until I emerge, aching, muddy, and victorious, with a trophy wrested from the earth.” (short story)
  • “The Pixie Game”Daily Science Fiction, published June 30, 2015.
    “‘We’re playing the pixie game. Want to come?’
    It’s the third time someone has talked to him at this school and the first time he’s been invited to do anything. He follows her, half running, to the hedges surrounding the playground.” (fantasy flash)
    Reprint in Up and Coming: Stories by the 2016 Campbell-Eligible Authors, March 1, 2016.
    Podcast reprint in Far Fetched Fables episode 112, June 28, 2016.
  • “Word Problems”freeze frame fiction, published February 15, 2015.
    “Yesterday, Pilar spent 62 minutes on her math homework, 21 minutes on her science homework, 7 minutes in the shower, 5 minutes untangling her curly hair, and 5 seconds applying lip gloss. How much more time did she spend on her homework than on her beauty routine?” (experimental flash)


  • “Seaside Sirens, 1848”Fantasy Scroll Mag, published December 16, 2014.
    Reprint publication in Dragons, Droids, and Doom, published December 2015.
    “The boys could hear the delighted shrieks of women exiting the carriages on the far side and splashing into the water. Arthur had seen the bathing machines every year on holiday in Kent, but now, at twelve, he took notice of them.” (flash)
  • “Conversational Snow”NewMyths.com, published December 6, 2014.
    “‘How are you doing?’ The whisper sounded in Stacy’s ear, as if spoken by the snow.” (flash)
  • “The Weight”Every Day Fiction, published October 10, 2014.
    “Lon’s anger weighed on him like a pack on a mule. It was, naturally, the fault of his boss, who began the shift with a lecture on punctuality. Lon was not to blame for his tardiness. The city buses were unreliable, and his wages did not permit the expense of a car.” (flash)
  • “Digging”freeze frame fiction, published October 1, 2014.
    “The house is small but the property is large, and we buy it for a song. For the first year we change nothing but the wallpaper and the name on the mailbox. We dream of building our own artist’s studio surrounded by flowers as vibrant as Georgia O’Keeffe’s. So we begin to dig.” (flash)
  • “First Day of Kindergarten” — SpeckLit, published September 14, 2014.
    Curing homesickness may not always be a good idea. (flash)
  • “A Perfect Partner”Perihelion, published September 12, 2014.
    “Clay shifted in front of the mirror, holding up the blue tie and the green tie against his reflection, trying to determine which one better complemented his skin. No, he was overthinking it. No tie. He undid the top two buttons of his shirt and rumpled his hair, hoping Marianne would find his rakish indifference charming.” (flash)
  • “Dancing with the Departed” — Niteblade, published August 31, 2014.
    “I was going through a weird altruistic phase when I asked Mikaela to the prom. After all, she had died six months earlier, and probably wouldn’t get to go otherwise.” (flash)
  • “The Unicorn”Page & Spine, published August 29, 2014.
    “’Authorities seek seven animals that escaped from the Phoenix Zoo after animal-rights activists used torches to break down exhibit fences early this morning. The missing animals include four zebras, a giraffe, a wallaby, and Uni, the zoo’s famous one-horned oryx.’” (flash)
  • “The Power of Books”SpeckLit, published July 25, 2014.
    “Can’t believe how many vampire romances you have. You really like this stuff?” (flash)
  • “No Good Deed”Burningword, published July 1, 2014.
    He might have been twenty-five, or fifty. His face was so dirty it was impossible to tell.” (flash)
  • “Guilt” — Burningword, published July 1, 2014.
    “His older sister Maggie scolded him. ‘That was nasty. God will get you for that.'” (flash)
  • “The Bridge”Burningword, published April 1, 2014.
    “The old man rested his elbows against the rail of the bridge and contemplated the churning depths below. He was ready to be done with his problems.” (flash)
  • “A Matter of Fate” — Kazka Press, published March 15, 2014.
    “Sometimes I grow emotional thinking of your dear Grandma Rachel and find it difficult to speak of her. After eight decades and a war, I have grown acquainted with death and have come to accept it. But not hers. Never hers.” (flash)
    Reprint publication at Duckbill, September 23, 2015.
  • “Career Day”Plasma Frequency Magazine issue 10, published February 5, 2014.
    A revolutionary’s young daughter must decide how much to push back against the government marshal recruiting at her school. (short story)
  • “Until Death”SpeckLit, published February 2, 2014.
    “She had missed her own wedding. Her mother had rushed into the dressing room with the news, startling her into painting a streak across her eyelid with the mascara.” (flash)


  • “Dog and Dragon”SpeckLit, published December 31, 2013.
    “He stuck his nose into the leaves and came face to face with it: a winged lizard the size of a cat.” (flash)
  • “The Present”SpeckLit, published December 4, 2013.
    Mike is trapped in a cramped, doorless room. And it’s moving. (flash)
  • “Driving Test”Fifty Word Stories, published October 11, 2013.
    There’s more than one way to get your license. (flash)
  • “Be Right Back”Fictionique, published September 6, 2013.
    “After Thanksgiving dinner, my mother and I are draped on the couch in my aunt and uncle’s living room, nursing turkey hangovers, when I mention that I’m not sure I ever want to have children.” (short story)
  • “High Jump”Pound of Flash, published June 7, 2013.
    “Too slow for the relay team and too weak for shot put, Davey was sure as hell going to compete in high jump.” (flash)
  • “Hope” — Thick Jam, published June 5, 2013.
    “They had been at sea for three days without sight of land and with only the sun and stars for navigation. They were subsisting on raw fish that attracted circles of gulls.” (flash)
  • “Piñata” — Fifty Word Stories, published May 10, 2013.
    Taunt your siblings at your own risk. (flash)